Examine Yourself




How serious do I feel about serving God?

Very serious Itís not that important

What stands in the way of my commitment to the Lord?

A few hindrances Many barriers

Am I willing to give up those elements that distract me?

Yes, Iíll put every effort I am not that ready

Is persistence a principal I abide by when I suffer setbacks?

Yes, I try hard No, I give up easily

Am I jealous of othersí successes?

Not really Yes, frequently

What personal gains do I (sometimes) seek?

I do not think of myself I like praise / popularity

Do I care to be in the lead? Do I feel hurt when I am not?

I accept any assignment I prefer leadership roles

Am I willing to work under someone I donít quite like?

Iíll cooperate with anyone I canít stand some people

Do I know why I serve?

I see Godís interest clearly Iím confused or pressured by peers

How often do social activities sidetrack me?

I am committed to serve I have a busy social life

How organized and diligent am I in serving?

I take the task seriously It is optional like leisure

Is there a pattern of inconsistency in my service?

No Yes

Am I eager to live in righteousness?

Yes No, Iím not that eager

Do I evaluate my spiritual progress regularly? How?

Yes No

How alive is my spirit?

Very lively Feel more dead than alive