2 Maccabees

This book focuses on the achievements of Judas Maccabeus. It differs from 1 Maccabees in minor chronological correlation. It only covers the period from 176 to 161 BC, and does not mention Mattathias. It focuses on the true piety of the Jews, which evokes Godís special care for his people (as compared with the false religion of the Gentiles and the need to resist them). The Jewsí own sins lead God to chastise them so that they will resume obedient lives. It emphasizes Godís providence and care for his people, manifest in the miracles narrated; and the sanctity of the Jerusalem temple as the sole place where God is present among his people (Read 2 Macc. 7). The book mentions the resurrection, the honor of martyrdom, intercession of the saints and the need to pray for the dead.