Spiritual Characteristics

Fours and fives think of the Lord God in a personal way and of Jesus Christ as a friend who loves and cares. This is particularly true when these attributes are translated into specific terms.

They are ready to accept all you tell them about God and the Lord Jesus. They can be taught to talk to God, to thank Him, and to ask Him for the things they need.

Worship for young children is not limited to designated times. Moments of spontaneous worship arise most often as a teacher and one or two children are involved in an activity. Wonder, joy and gratitude are emotions closely related to worship.

At this age they start to recognize right and wrong, and what is right and just for others. They can realize that disobeying is doing wrong, but they need to be assured that God always loves them and is ready to forgive when they are truly sorry.

When and how should a four- or a five-year old child worship God?