On a rainy day, Karen comes into Sunday school with her new umbrella open. As the teacher helps her fold it and then take off her raincoat, Karen bubbles with excitement about the new umbrella.

“Mommy and I went to the store yesterday. She got me my new umbrella. Isn’t it pretty?”

“Karen, that’s a very pretty umbrella. Did it help to keep the rain from getting you wet?”

“Yes, and Mommy says I must not forget it. She said she won’t buy me another one.”

“I’ll help you remember to take it home, Karen. We don’t want you to get wet, do we? God made the rain so the flowers will get wet and grow. But you don’t need the rain to make you grow.”

“But God doesn’t have an umbrella, does He? Will He get wet?”

What characteristics are evident in the conduct of twos and threes as revealed through Karen’s experiences?