Developmental Features


Characteristics :





About 33-38 inches

About 35-40 inches


About 25-35 pounds

About 27-40 pounds


Slightly stooped, not fully erect; knees and elbows somewhat bent, leans forward while running.

Walks upright now, swings arms more like an adult


Sleeping Habits

Needs about twelve hours at night plus a 2-hour nap in the afternoon; tires easily; is upset by confusion

May begin staying awake during afternoon nap time, but should “rest” during that time anyway

Toilet Habits

Does not yet have complete control; is still subject to accidents, especially at night during sleep

Should have good control now, except may need to be put on the toilet before going to bed

Eating Habits

Schedule is important, adds to security; a snack may be necessary between. meals, but should be small and simple; foods may include such things as slices of fresh fruit (oranges, apples), ba-nanas, fruit cups, milk, eggs, toast, meat or fish in easy-to-chew form, cooked vegetables (peas, beans, carrots), pudding, graham crackers, juices, small sandwiches, soups, and lettuce

Schedule is still important; the same foods could be used with some variation










Dressing Ability

Is beginning to dress self; does best with familiar clothing that pulls on or off or buttons in front



Has learned to button & unbutton front and side but not in back; can remove shoes and can slip in and out of some boots; has not yet learned to tie shoes