Objective Key Factors

in Learning

Environment: (The physical setting) What can we do to provide a cheerful place for learning? How should we utilize the available space most efficiently?


Atmosphere: (The emotional setting) Some children groups know each other, are friendly and cooperative, and enjoy working together. Others suffer conflict, nagging attitudes, competitive actions and overall tension. These benefit more from:


Ř  More individual attention: a smaller student-teacher ratio. Love all children regardless of misbehavior.

Ř  Learning to work together in small groups. Encourage children to help one another.

Ř  Discussing feelings of others in response to one’s actions: Discuss the meaning of “kindness to one another” and “the unity and edification of the Body of Christ”.

Ř  Providing an atmosphere of clear rules and quietly enforcing them: Set guidelines for inter-personal actions. Praise positive behavior and task accomplishments.


Social and Cultural Norms: Different norms can produce children with different value systems and various intellectual abilities. Any child can be an achiever and learn. Some may take a little longer, but all have the capacity to learn.


How can you alter your classroom to enhance learning?