Servants Prep Curriculum


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Worship Through Serving

The Meaning of Service

Service Requires an Open Bible

The Blessings of Service

Service is a Discipleship

The Unacceptable Service

The Honor of Serving

The Acceptable Service

Pride and the Servant's Self

Serving Is An Immense Responsibility

Growing in Faith

Our Call to Serve and the Life of Fullness

Growing in Virtues

The Commitment to Serve

Growing in Wisdom

Preaching the Truth with Love

Learning From Christ the True Servant

Service Requires a Passionate Heart

The Good Shepherd

Service Requires Prayer


Church Education of Children

Childhood Development

Fifth and Six Graders (Juniors)

How Do Children Learn

Teaching Children With Special Needs

Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

Spiritual Education of Children

Fours and Fives

Educational Methods and Resources

First and Second Graders (Primaries)

Story Telling & Story Playing

Third and Fourth Graders (Middlers)


Basics of Christian Counseling

Why Do We Serve the Individual

Singleness and Preparing for Marriage

How to Serve the Individual

Premarital Counseling

Understanding Personalities

Building a Healthy Marriage

Charity Giving

Serving the Terminally Ill

Serving the Sick and the Needy

Serving the Prodigal (the Lost Sheep)

Principles of Christian Living for Youth


The Opposite Sex: Purity and Love

Addictions and Substance Abuse

Bible Study: The Old Testament

Introduction to the Bible

Biblical Characters ...

Why Do We Believe the Bible

The Book of Psalms

Introduction to Deutero-Canonical Books

The Major Prophets

Overview of the Deutero-Canonical Books

The Minor Prophets - A

Old Testament History & Geography - A

The Minor Prophets - B

Old Testament History & Geography - B


Bible Study: The New Testament

A Comparison of the Four Gopsels

Saint Paul's Life and Missionary Journeys

The Gospel According to Saint Luke

Saint Paul's Epistles

The Gospel According to Saint John

Saint Paul: A Model for Serving

The Holy Spirit and the Book of Acts

The Catholic Epistles

Saint Peter: Before and After Resurrection


The Twelve Disciples


The Doctrines of Christianity

The Holy Trinity - One God

He Died and Rose Again (Our Redemption)

The Divinity of Christ

The Second Coming of Christ

Heresies Concerning the Nature of Christ

The Resurrection & the Life to Come

The Creation of Heaven and Earth

Allah of Islam and God of Christianity

The Incarnation of Christ (First Advent)

Jesus Christ in the Teachings of Islam

History of the Church of Alexandria

The Life of St. Mark & the Early Church

Monasticism - St. Anthony the Great

The Theological School - St. Clement

The Fathers of the Desert - St. Macarius

Martyrdom - St. Peter the Seal of Martyrs

Ancient Monasteries - St. Pachomius

A Fragrant Sample of Coptic Martyrs

The Commemoration of Saints - St. Pishoy

The Golden Century - St. Athanasius

Post Chalcedonian Oppression - St. Samuel

The Ecumenical Councils - St. Cyril

Twentieth Century Revival - Habib Girgis

Saint Sevirus and Saint Discorus

Church of Miracles - Contemporary Saints

The Seven Sacraments


Understanding the Coptic Liturgy - A


Understanding the Coptic Liturgy - B

Repentance and Confession

Anointing the Sick

The Eucharist

Holy Matrimony

References to the Eucharist in OT


Our Orthodox Faith and Practice

Differences With the Catholic Church

The Intercession of the Saints

Differences With the Protestant Churches

The Coptic Church and the Coptic Calendar

The Orthodox Meaning of Salvation

Prayer Life in the Coptic Church

Honoring the Holy Virgin Saint Mary


NB: Bolded Titles are considered the Core part of the Curriculum

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